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Хидраулични систем

Hydraulic system as a part of mechanical and electrical integration, which is achieving automation, providing the labor production efficiency, reducing production costs, and playing a decisive role in the modern industrial production

BEKWELL company has the professional hydraulic design team, who has been committed to the design and manufac­ turing adopting the advanced concept, also has achieved product diversification, standardization and mature tech­ nology to create a good economic benefits for customers

Углавном апликација
1.Crusher and shredder of plastic recycling machine,
2.Chemical fiber component ,30T and 50T hydraulic station;
3.Three roller calendar , calibration table of sheet and plate machine,
4.Cutter, vacuum tank and haul off of pipe machine;
5.Corrugator of corrugated pipe machine,
6.Блов моулдинг мацхине,